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British technology entrepreneur. Primary interests are open data, the semantic web and decentralization.


Ian Davis is an experienced Internet technology entrepreneur who has founded four technology startups and raised venture capital in the areas of large scale search, business intelligence and distributed data systems. Currently he is VP Engineering at Avocet Systems.

In 2000 he was co-author of the RSS 1.0 specification and has contributed to many RDF-related developments including vocabularies, frameworks, specifications and standards. In 2002 he created the popular FOAF icons. In 2006 he authored the Talis Community License and led the work to fund and create the Open Data Commons. In 2008 he founded the Data Incubator, a community of data enthusiasts.

Ian read Theoretical Physics at Royal Holloway College, University of London and currently lives in Rugby, England with his wife and two children. He writes a personal blog, Internet Alchemy, where he has written on technology, software development and the semantic web since 1999. He can be contacted by email at nospam@iandavis.com.